The Spirit of Freedom is the burning passion to live unrestrained.
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The Spirit of Freedom Foundation was founded on January 15, 2001 because poor voter turn-out, uninformed voting and ignorance of the basics of American History did not bode well for America. We felt a need to help re-kindle the spirit of national patriotism passed on to us from our forefathers because it is apparent that freedom is being taken for granted by most Americans.

When freedom was attacked on September 11, 2001, America was energized to fight threats to personal freedom. Patriotism bubbled to the surface that day, but has since cooled ... again.

The Spirit of Freedom Foundation is therefore dedicated to preserving the rights and freedoms found in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. America's citizens must get back to their core values. This means we need to re-dedicate ourselves to the study of American and World History.

Because the common thread of unrest is the despair felt when people have abandoned hope of comfort or success, we also believe the proven American Free Enterprise Economic System is the operating model that can eliminate poverty throughout the world.

Core Values

Definition of Core values: The enduring beliefs which an institution—and the people who inhabit it — hold in common and endeavor to put into action.

We believe life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is rooted in the individual citizen as the primary building block in a free and prosperous society. For over two centuries, America has proven that economic well-being and wealth creation flourishes with individual freedom.

We believe that every citizen should understand his or her heritage and how to participate in managing the affairs of their country. Good citizenship and civic responsibility is the way to protect rights and liberties.

We believe the responsibilities of citizenship must be restored to new life and vigor.

We believe that freedom is best enjoyed when we respect the rights of others and all other living things.

We believe in extending the American political and economic system to fight the problem of world-wide poverty and civil unrest. The common thread of unrest in the world is the despair felt when people have abandoned hope of comfort or success.

Our core values are best expressed by the Philosophy of Individualism as well as The Four Freedoms as given to the world by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.


Our mission is to fight voter apathy in the United States and to extend the blessings of Individual Rights and Freedoms and The Free Enterprise System -- worldwide.


Individual comfort and success achieved through individual freedom.

Elimination of poverty when the right to retain ownership of the product of one's labor is respected by all governments.

Conditions that enable future generations across the world to live in free and open societies that help their peoples to achieve the best conditions of life with minimum government interference.


We are working to re-establish a national Motor Coach tour to promote our mission and vision. Our plan is to visit major events throughout the country such as athletic events, fairs, schools, parades and all places where people gather.

Success in this day and age means advertising. According to studies, a traveling Motor Coach will provide some 750,000 advertising 'impressions' per month. Its visibility at events throughout the country will serve the cause well ... and a motor coach is extremely inexpensive relative to the alternatives!

Sponsors are invited to make contributions to help get the show on the road again.

Take a few  minutes and  listen to ...

Kate Smith singing God Bless America
(Written for her  by Irving Berlin - 1938)

The SPIRIT OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION is a private operating foundation dedicated to Human Values and Economics History Education.

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