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Fleeing Capitalism seems only to happen when folks have been big free economic winners and are leaving to save on taxes -- much of which is spent on immigrants who end up trying to implement the same policies from which they are fleeing.  Brutal lessons are learned when history is not respected.

When will voters wake up and THINK about the consequences of their support for a party whose only goal is a thirst for power.  Lord Acton is quoted, "Power corrups, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

When a voter blindly accepts what he or she is told by any group and submits to the will of that group -- THINK -- what can possibly go wrong?

This tiny gravestone shows 6,600 American deaths by hand guns each year.

Another 44,000 lose their lives in traffic accidents and 88,000 more from alcohol poisoning.  

According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity and overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, close behind tobacco use.  An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic

If you use tobacco, you are 73 times more likely to die from a hand gun and 11 times more likely to die than in a traffic accident.

QUESTION:  If our leaders really care about life, shouldn't our top national priority be to ban tobacco products?  

Consider the cost to our nation.  The two biggest enemies of living involve obesity and smoking.    The health costs of these two problems far exceeds that of auto accidents.  Hand gun deaths are minimal in terms of numbers and least costly of all.


Now hear this about freedom.  We think the American people should be free to live in ways that make  them happy so far as those ways are moral and legal under the Constitution.  Guns, vehicles and tobacco products can make people happy and should be legal but with reasonable regulated availability.  Some folks want to ban weapons entirely and others do not.  The gun issue is discussed every day in every way with both sides unable to agree on weapons ownership.

Not much can be done to ban vehicles because they are a vital part of living in a modern world.  All society can do is manage the problem as best we can through education and regulation.  

But tobacco products are different. They are more dangerous to society in that they cause so much economic damage to all of society in terms of health care costs and human suffering.  Tobacco should be banned. Yes, I know why they are not, taxes, subsidies etc.

So why have I brought this matter up here?  Mainly to point out how ridiculous it is for an extreme amount of money to be spent attempting to ban weapons with comparatively little being spent to ban tobacco products which is a far greater problem.  Common sense.says so.

 Why are America's politicians unwilling to properly prioritize the tobacco issue?

Why is America willing to sit by, tolerate and ignore this major health problem?     

Shouldn't we be fighting to ban tobacco rather than guns?

THINK about it!

Logic suggests America should first SOLVE the problem of smoking related deaths.

Get help to avoid the pain to yourself and family!

I just love this photo!

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